Advice for the Newly Inducted

I wish I could get in a time machine and redo parts of my life. I loved college for the most part, but now working on a college campus, I feel like I could have done more and taken advantage of opportunities available only in college. Professionally, I know I could have done more when I graduated from UGA with my undergrad in 2000, and an MBA in 2007.

My advice for high school & college graduates:

Don’t be afraid to speak up. You were picked for this next step in your life because of your abilities and potential. There is no start date for when you can start imparting your wisdom, but there will be an expiration date if you don’t make yourself known.

Mentor. Find someone that challenges you, or you feel is a younger version of you to mentor, and then look for someone you emulate, and ask them to mentor you. Keep giving back, and you will find the rewards coming back to you.

Look for challenges. Don’t get comfortable in your role at school, work or life. Find opportunities to expand – new roles at work, new hobbies, new friends.

Get Involved & Network. Don’t sit in your dorm room or cubicle and wait for things to happen to you. Even we introverts need to vent or share victories! Student organizations, res life, spiritual growth, young professionals, industry associations, alumni networks. You never know who you will meet or what your connections can do for you, or you can do for them.

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