Returning to my creative roots

I create content for a living, both writing and producing video content, so it has been almost two decades since I've done any creative writing. My father has written poetry his entire life, so I was encouraged by him to keep up my creative writing as a hobby, but life happens, and the pen was put aside as the bills stacked up.

My Favorite 2021 Reads

Not a coincidence that my last post was the Best of 2020 Books, because 2021 was a blur. Isn't everything during a pandemic a time-warp? Seriously - 2021 was jam-packed. While I didn't do much writing last year, I did a TON of reading,

Championing Juneteenth in Changing Times

I didn't learn about Juneteenth in elementary school, middle school, high school, or college. It wasn't taught in American history classes which included the Revolutionary War, the Louisiana Purchase, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Transcontinental Railroad, both World Wars, the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, and even the Cold War. Our textbooks didn't include anything about …