The Last Word: What will your legacy be?

I watched a movie the other night, The Last Word. Along the lines of The Bucket List, On Golden Pond and Driving Miss Daisy, the movie examines an older person whose own worst enemy is themself, has estranged themself from loved ones, and needs a life-changing experience to re-examine existence.

I enjoyed this movie for several reasons beyond the tired basic plot of the disgruntled senior citizen that befriends an equally curmudgeonly foil.

First, it starred Shirley MacLaine, one of my all-time favorite actresses. She first captured my heart in The Apartment. She cemented herself in my film heart with Terms of Endearment and Steel Magnolias during a chick flick binge.

Second, the soundtrack enough is reason to watch the movie. I promptly downloaded every song I heard during the movie. My playlist thanks the producers.

Third, I love to read a good obituary. I have a collection of the ones that make me laugh, cry, and wish I knew the subject when they were alive.

And lastly, like any good entertainment should do, it forced me to look at my own life. What will my legacy be? My writing? My work? My family? My playlist?

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