Cheap Seats: Chubb’s Record Silver Lining in Georgia Football Implosion

No matter your viewing location, it was a rainy day for Georgia football.

My red and black heart is heavy, still, two days later. So much so, it has taken until now for me to sit down and write this column.

I broke all the rules this game. I tailgated with the enemy. I sat in high dollar seats to stay dry, and I sold my ticket to an enemy, my friend, but still, the enemy. So while I wasn’t in the cheap seats on Saturday, I still had the same view as thousands of my fellow Dawg fans: A Massacre ‘Tween the Hedges.

There were so many storylines in this game:

Forget the Nick Saban coaching tree that has a branch in Athens, Mark Richt can’t win the big game, the Blackout of 2008, the 5 yards short in 2012, or the UGA-educated Kirby Smart. Do we still claim him? You get the idea.

The most important lines were betting lines, offensive and defensive lines. It turned out that our OL wasn’t prepared for Alabama’s NFL-ready DL.

I can’t watch these types of games on television live. I can go back and watch it later (only wins) but I have to be in the stands for games like this. The adrenaline rush when the team comes out, 3rd down defense or after the Dawgs score – nothing beats being between the hedges. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to get excited about on Saturday.

Six minutes into the game, we had 42 yards between both teams, most of it for Alabama. That would be the highlight of the first half for Georgia. When they tried to show first half highlights, I expected to see a blank scoreboard.

The Redcoats were relegated to the stands for the pregame historic spell Georgia cheer and halftime show because of the field conditions, and you could see the grounds crew hard at work trying to repair the field during halftime.

UGA vs Alabama 2015
Atomic Buffalo Turds, or Bacon-Wrapped Jalapenos, UGA vs Alabama 2015

With 5:37 left in the third quarter, we finally got a touchdown.

The highlights of the game were:

1) Nick Chubb‘s record breaking 100-yard game to tie Herschel’s 13-game streak.
2) Devon Gales family being at the game
3) Adeline Kenerly being crowned Miss Georgia
4) The Atomic Buffalo Turds (bacon-wrapped jalapenos) at our tailgate

Notice only one had to do with football.

Crazy stat of the day I would rather forget: we punted six times, and UGA quarterbacks had only eight pass completions.

Alabama just looked more prepared, and the pregame antics didn’t help.

It could be worse. Athens and most of Georgia escaped the massive floods that hit South Carolina. Work with me people; I’m trying to find some silver lining in these clouds that keep unloading on us.

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