Where have you gone, Salvatore Romano?

I wrote this Sunday morning before watching Episode 7.10 – The Forecast.

We’ve met some great characters in the Mad Men world, like Peggy, who transformed from the shy secretary to an independent woman and bold copywriter. And you can’t forget Sally, who I first thought would become a mini- Betty, but we see her identifying with her father as the seasons progress.

But there’s been some characters who made appearances for a few seasons and we never saw again. I’m grateful that Ken Cosgrove returned after a brief hiatus in Season 4 when SCDP was formed and they picked Pete over Ken. One of my favorite “Mad Moments” was from Episode 5.5 – Signal 30, when Cosgrove is writing “The Man with the Miniature Orchestrawith his new nom de plume, Dave Algonquin.

It was odd to see Dr. Arnold & Sylvia Rosen in the elevator episode 7.9 – New Business. Their introduction seemed disjointed with the rest of the script. Rachel Menken was one of my favorite characters, and I was sad to hear of her passing, but grateful we got one last glimpse of her, even if it was a ghost. Perhaps it was a chance for Don to see the error of his ways when it comes to women.

Speaking of ghosts, will we see more ghosts of characters who have been killed off by Weiner? Lane Pryce, Anna Draper, Adam Whitman, Bert Cooper, Ida Blankenship, Gene Hofstadt?

What about the characters who just left, but weren’t killed off? Will Weiner bring them all back in the last episode?

Salvatore Romano, whom we last saw calling his wife from a payphone in a seedy part of Central Park
Bob Benson, Joan’s almost fling who decided Detroit would be a better choice for his lifestyle
Faye Miller, the market research analyst who I believe understood Don more than any woman he’s been with
Midge, Don’s first affair that we see on the screen who later becomes a heroin addict
Allison, one of the few good secretaries Don had, but he had to chase her away by sleeping with her
Beth Dawes, Pete’s suburban fling who was receiving electroshock therapy
Paul Kinsey, the Hare Krishna devotee copywriter with dreams of writing Star Trek scripts
Stephanie, Anna’s niece who we last saw eight months pregnant and back in the Bay area
Gene Bishop, who I predict will become Betty’s third husband after she psycho-analyzes herself and finally realizes she’s still a child.

And of course, the most obvious character who disappeared, Peggy’s son, who we learn later in Season 2 was given up for adoption. I’m sure Pete would love to meet him too.

Who do you want to come back?

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