Embracing Single Life

My two cultural origins, India and The South, celebrate marriage and the Wedding Day like no other. In both cultures, traditionally, being single in your 30s is met with questions like: “What’s wrong with you?” or statements like “You’ll find the one” or “It’s never too late.”

As I tell my family, I am happy being single, but yes, I do feel like there is something missing. A sign that I recognize this? I agreed to several blind dates, but only because I believe my family knows me best, and would know what I would like in a man.

I may not be the typical woman — I would pick a baseball game over a candlelit dinner. I still want the companionship. I enjoy the comfort of the same arms wrapped around me every night, him knowing exactly what I want to eat for dinner, me knowing exactly what he wants for his birthday. The familiarity and constant feeling is what is the most comforting. Yes, old age is setting in on the dusk of my 30s.

I am comfortable going to a movie alone, or sitting at a bar by myself to eat dinner. If someone happens to be next to me one day when I go to the theater, or ask for a table at a restaurant instead of heading straight for the bar, it would be okay. But if I get comfortable asking for a ticket for one, or signing my check for dinner for one, I’ll be fine too.

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